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Installation of Tāonga o te Kararehe Tapu at NAE, May 2024

Tāonga o te Kararehe Tapu

Misha Milovanovich

London 2024

Dimensions: H: 2 m x W:72cm x D:60cm

Resin, fiberglass, aluminum/silver gilding, paint

Earth, ash, recycled wood, and cardboard

Misha Milovanovich’s latest sculpture: Tāonga o te Kararehe Tapu—the Spirit of the Sacred Animal—a beacon of reverence rooted in ancient wisdom. Crafted in resin and finished in silver and aluminum leaf, it gleams a top against ebony soil, symbolizing our intertwined existence with nature.

This sculpture prompts reflection on humanity’s relationship with the environment. As stewards of this land, we’re called to cherish and protect it. May it serve as a reminder of our commitment to a harmonious future where humanity and nature thrive together.

Misha Milovanovich uses her titles as a doorway into deeper layers of meaning. 

By blending cultural references, symbolism, and universal themes, Misha invites viewers to engage in a contemplative journey, transcending boundaries and connecting with the essence of the human experience.


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