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Little and Beautiful

I am delighted to annonce the release of two new small-scale sculptures at Dellasposa Gallery.

"For Milovanovich, the sculptures are structural references to nature by integrating shapes found in our natural world and urban environment. 'The mathematics of the construction are the bones, while the colour is the soul of the sculpture', observes the artist.”- Jessica Phillimore

Image: © Misha Milovanovich. Courtesy of Dellasposa Gallery.

Misha Milovanovich, Mini Sedna, 2022. Sculpture composed of resin and cellulose. Hand-signed and dated by the artist. 18 cm x 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm. © Misha Milovanovich. Courtesy of Dellasposa Gallery.

For more information of Misha Milovanovich’s available sculptures inquire at or follow the link in bio.


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