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With my wonderful friend Marko Matysik

On the left in this photograph taken during London Fashion Week a few years ago, elegantly perched on his Pashley roadster bike is Marko Matysik, a wonderful human being and a dear friend of mine. We meet at Saint Martin's back in the day. Here is little bit about this wonderful and talented friend of mine. Apart from being an accomplished artist (see:, he is also the former beauty editor for Vogue China and Japan, and has worked for Vogue for over 20 years.

He graduated with honors from St Martin’s School of Art in London and started working at the Victor Edelstein atelier. In 1995, he established his own label called ”Marko Matysik”. As a fashion designer, he is also a well-known couturier, as well as selling highly covetable accessories under his label ‘Marko’ worn by the likes of Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, and Daphne Guinness. These accessories are made from spliced, rough-cut emeralds and gems sourced in China, Uruguay and the Congo, and set in silver.


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