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Sculpture 06

Sculpture 06, 2023 London

H: 35cm x W: 21cm x D: 10cm

Resin, cellulose paint and Brazilian slate plinth

Unique Sculpture

For the last few years, I have been working with fragmented abstract shapes that originate from my paintings. These are symbolic fragments of my life experiences as a mother, drawing inspiration from my diasporic identity, my personal exploration of my body as a woman, the enigmatic lives of plants and animals, Serbian mythology, and the profound journey of self- synchronization and healing, as well as the visions I receive from my dialogue with nature. 


My fascination with nature originated in my early childhood. A childhood nurtured amidst the serene meadows and cultivating greenhouses of my family’s farm in Serbia laid the foundation for this enduring connection. My grandmother who was the village shaman taught us plant medicine, healing and a rich tapestry of connection with the land through Old Slavic mythology and beliefs. 


This artistic venture mirrors a transformative journey of my recovery, transcending the confines of the physical world and opening the door to spiritual dimensions. This marks a departure from the opulent palette that once defined my earlier creations. 

In my latest work, I find myself deeply immersed in the profound exploration of a myriad of themes, delving into the intricate dimensions of femininity, entropy, fragmentation, rejuvenation, and the captivating realms of plant life, flowers, ancient myths, fossils, rocks, art history, and the ceaseless processes of growth, life, decay, and recycling. 


This creative journey intricately weaves a rich tapestry of artistic expression, inviting viewers to engage with the multifaceted layers of these themes. 


Through intricate craftsmanship, these sculptures become conduits of healing energy, leading individuals on a transformative path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. They inspire introspection, transcendence, and a profound connection with the natural world, resonating deeply with both intellect and emotion. 


The sculptures themselves represent the culmination of a complex and intricate metamorphic process, involving elements such as fragmentation, carving, casting, recasting, gluing, cutting, and the formation of diverse shapes. Employing a fusion of techniques, from hand-carving high-density foam and traditional mold-making methodologies, I meticulously shape these creations. The final touches, executed with cellulose paint, are enhanced through ongoing experimentation, including the application of silver and aluminum leaf gilding,

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