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Tui 2024 London

Fibreglass, resin, steel, cellulose paint gilded in aluminium and silver leaf, lacquer H: 150cm x W: 100cm x D: 60cm Unique Sculpture

TUI serves as a testament to the intricate interplay of nature, art, and the human experience. Drawing inspiration from the melodious song of the native Maori Tui bird, a symbol of life fulfilment, confidence, and spiritual harmony.

The artwork becomes a symbolic representation of life’s journey. Revered as messengers of the Gods and Goddesses, the Tui’s influence is intricately woven into the sculpture’s narrative, seamlessly fusing the graceful contours of the female pelvis with the organic allure of a thriving plant.

Executed by carving, the sculpture’s symbolic journey delves into the complexities of societal pressures, particularly those leading women to a sense of disconnection from their own bodies. This visual narrative navigates the profound depths of this struggle while simultaneously presenting a poignant counterpoint, an ode to fertility and abundance.


Within the curves and lines of this sculptural narrative lies a profound message. TUI communicates that authentic healing stems from a reconnection with Mother Nature and the nurturing bonds of community.

The metaphor of pollination encapsulates the exchange of diverse energies and healing techniques, transmitted through the arts of meditation and indigenous wisdom.


As TUI unfolds, it beckons contemplation on the amalgamation of synthetic biology, body politics, and environmentalism. It acts as a catalyst for pondering the formation of a community bound together through a circle of healing, a cohesive tapestry where each thread contributes uniquely to the seamless integration of human existence with the natural world.In its essence,


Misha’s sculpture encourages an exploration of the intricate dance between humanity and nature, fostering a deeper comprehension of our place within the vast tapestry of life.


TUI not only stands as a visually captivating sculpture but also serves as a profound meditation on the interconnectedness that unites us all

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