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At the studio new work being finished

“Juicy Debussy”, Misha Milovanovich, London, 2016/2017/2018.

Acrylic, oil pastel, ink, enamel & cellulose paint on canvas.

H:150 x W120 cm

Misha's work explores the condition of human utopia and not only the place women hold in society, but also what is means to be a woman at this point in history.

In early 2017, Misha began painting interiors in her work, - rooms inhabited by women. During the process of painting she physically flipped these works upside down. In doing so Misha started to play with the abstraction of figurative representation and she now revels in the ambiguity of her irreverent perspective. In these imagined rooms the women had to wear masks and the paintings’ dislocated approach to imagery can be seen as a riposte to such patriarchal expectations.

Since “Infinite Banality”, Misha has incorporated lines from Hentai drawings depicting graphic sexual violence committed against women. Misha decided to juxtapose these against the traditional still-life subject of vases and flowers (objects that often symbolise women) after visiting a Matisse exhibiton at the Royal Academy.

This has led Misha to produce four bodies of work featuring these subjects. “Juicy Debussy”, “The Beautiful Series”, “The Female Gaze” and “In Bloom” are distinct versions of this new practise.

Each refereto the way women are perceived and objectified.

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