Misha's digital works are explosion of energy collected over the years of practise and experimentation. On Sunday 4 October Misha will be participating at the #VACBF. Special Event on the day is Misha's Great Pottery Trow Down 2-3 PM.

With beautiful Masumi Rioja at my studio

Misha World! Misha Milovanovich is a London based Artist that enjoys breaking rules by creating objects of considerable beauty and contemplation. Her artwork advocates diminishing barriers between mediums. She works in sculpture, silk, silver, clay and painting to name the few.www.mishamilovanovich.com#creating#artstudio#artist#femaleartist#sculpture#painting#ceramics#silk#jewlery#mishamilovanovich

SHOW STUDIO proudly presents Misha Milovanovich

Nick Knight's portal Show Studio is proud to presents latest contributor London based artist Misha Milovanovich. Show Studio pushes the boundaries of communicating culture with live content, innovative collaborations and unique conversations.

We are ready for #VCABF

New limited edition Giclee prints available for the first time tomorrow. From this edition of 200 first 50 prints will be available only tomorrow 12-6 PM at the special introductory price of £50 + PP. From midnight Sunday 20 September the price of the print will increase to £180 per print. Print on Fine Art Giclee Paper Paper Size: 210mm x 297mm Image Size: 148mm x 210mm Edition of 200 Signed by the Artists Unframed Viral Art Car Boot Fair, Sunday 20th September 12-6.30pm The price of entry changes throughout the day with a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to the ACBF at £12. At 2.30pm there is a DAY MEMBERSHIP at £5, which allows access t the whole event and an opportunity to bag an art bargain and see

This Sunday at the #VACBF

We are super excited to be participating in the first VIRAL Art Car Boot Fair this Sunday 20 September 2020 from 12–6pm. We have prepared bunch of fabulous prints from the original painting made during the lockdown (April- August 2020) and a small selection of ceramics. Please go to www.artcarbootfair.com to purchase online tickets for this coming Sunday 20 September, 12-6 PM. #vacbf #ceramics #sculpture #prints#contemporaryart #mishamilovanovich

"All My Friends"Book

Misha Milovanovich, "FAMILY" 2016-2020 Book about studio ceramics by artist, Misha Milovanovich In 2009 the art critic Roberta Smith wrote in New York Times that ceramics has “one of the richest histories of any medium on the planet”. “It can’t be said enough that art-craft divide is a bogus concept regularly obliterated by individuals that call them selves artist, designers or artisans. Connecting something deep within the earth and something deep in our collective memory.” Misha’s new body of work sees her using ceramics to create an array of brightly coloured, sometimes figurative pieces that blur the line between sculpture and painting. They are most definitely hand made, very personal i

For ACBF this Sunday we are bringing selection of new prints made exclusively for this viral edition

Stuck at home and with the World in suspense in this body of work (April- August), Misha explores her intimate relationship with Art history, importance of humour in her work, and opportunity to explore her relationship with the objects she collects as well as those ones she cheekily wishes to collect Lock Down Studio Series, Misha Milovanovich, 2017/2020, London, H:72 cm x W: 59 cm, acrylic on canvas, #kunst#art#artist#drawing#paint#artistsoninstagram#contemporaryart#instaart#acrylicpainting#digitalart#love#portrait#paintings#artgallery#painter#mishamilovanovich


SAVE THE DATE, #ViralACBF, #ACBF. Sunday 20 September, 12-6. More information to follow soon. #mishamilovanovich # ViralACBF,#ACBF. Sunday 20 September, 12-6. More information to follow soon.#mishamilovanovich

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