How Mondrian Has Been Influencing Pop Culture for 100 years

Roy Lichtenstein is not only famous for his original prints, but also for his adaptations of other well-known artworks. In 1964, he created a pop-art version of Mondrian’s colour composition by replacing the grey areas with his characteristic Ben Day dots. This approach takes the idea of the painting even further by abstracting Mondrian’s rectangles into discs of colour. There are many other painters who have found inspiration in Mondrian, one of them being Misha Milovanovich. The Serbian artist has explored many different mediums and themes to deliver insights into the human distortions of desire through the lens of pop culture. She has used Mondrian's imagery for her prints as well as her

Plinky Plonky Ceramics

Ever since Misha read Gabriel García Márquez’s- One Hundred Years of Solitude at the age of 14 her world exploded in vision of cinematic colour scope. The crossing lines of narrative, colour and shapes of her 70’s childhood and its political complexities seams to permeate every aspect of Misha’s visual creativity. Misha’s new work marks a clear evolution of her thinking about - and depiction of - themes that recur throughout her career. Misha has previously used painting as a mirror of self-reflection in order to come to terms with living as displaced person (a flower without a pot). Here lies the symbolic paradime. Having keenly observed the Consumer world of the West in the past 30 years M

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