Little snap preview of video featuring "BONOBO", Misha Milovanovich, 2020, London. Preparing for new exhibition. All artworks works will be digital and tokenised. You will also be able to collect my work in “ real life” too. As an artist and curator, I am very excited to be exploring this new realm. I see many possibilities and fruitful cross pollinations. More information coming up soon. Philosophers, writers & thinkers get in touch, I am building community of like minded peolpe. Watch this space. #exhibitions #inpreparation #newfrontier #contemporaryart #blender#digitalart #art #animation #artwork #cryptoart #artist #cryptopunk #digital#3Dmaya #zbrush #digitalartist #draw #instaar

My favourite painting at Frieze 2020

Pieter Schoolwerth's painting "SHIFTED SIMS" #14 (LUXURY PARTY STUFF), 2020 Pieter Schoolwerth's paintings utilize a unique 3D relief "infrastructure" – he first photographs 3D models (composed off of a Sims 4 screenshot), then embeds the matching fragments of the screenshot back into the model in photoshop, prints the file out on canvas, and applies paint on top. In this instance we encounter a green-hued female figure with an almost cubist face, eyeing a rather dismayed looking avatar man across a room presenting a dystopian party scene – birthday cakes, alien orbs, and shadows intermix, superimposed in a complex composition that challenges the eye. “Schoolwerth’s psychoactive tableaus dep

Welcome to Misha World

Misha World is artistic endeavour by artist Misha MIlovanovich design to brighten up your life.

At Art Car Boot Fair

Our Misha at the Art Car Boot stuck between these two legends, Marcus Harvey and Noel Fielding.

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