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We have 10 more days to go!

Please pop by and see us at the Moving Parts exhibition curated by BEERS Gallery at the Saatchi Gallery just off Kinds Road, Duke of York’s HQ.

Here is a bit of blurb about this exhibition: Belgrade born, London based sculptor Misha Milovanovich engages in a contemplative exploration of the diverse roles and attributes associated with the divine feminine partnering with painter Kathryn MacNaughton.

Until 7 January 2024

Saatchi Gallery

Duke of York’s HQ

King’s Rd





Misha Milovanovich

London 2023

Fibreglass gilded in aluminium & silver leaf

H: 110cm x W: 50cm x D: 70cm

Unique Sculpture

Milovanovich’s journey is marked by a distinctive resistance to the divisive forces of nationalism, language, and culture. Her identity, akin to a tree creating buds every spring, rejects allergic reactions to fragmentation and instead embraces a philosophy of pollination—crossing borders and transcending mediums. In her dual roles as artist and botanist, she navigates the intricate interplay between diverse disciplines, mirroring the organic complexity found in nature.

Much like the cyclical concepts of Zen and minimalism, Milovanovich’s work embodies growth and rejuvenation. Her artistic endeavors are a testament to the profound impact of nature, serving as a sanctuary amidst the chaos of the contemporary world. Through her creations, she strives to address urgent questions of our time, weaving a narrative that spreads the transformative message of beauty, connection, and healing.


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