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I invited my friend Philip Jones to contribute to my exhibition "Pollination" in January 2024 at JM Gallery in London.

The exhibition provided invaluable opportunity for diverse individuals and groups to engage in collaborative endeavors.

The show prominently featured a large sculpture, serving as a conduit to bring together a wide spectrum of participants, including artists, poets, dancers, thinkers, and farmers.

Philip Jones presented a painted assemblage titled "Skylark." In his poem of the same title, he delves into the duality of experiences, portraying moments of complexity, disruption, and darkness, while also exploring the potential for renewal, beauty, and brightness.

The verses take the viewer on a sensory and visual journey, with each line contributing to the overall atmosphere and emotion depicted in his work.



Oil on board, acetate and wood

106 x 91 x 10 cm

Fast, wing!

Out spread grey dawn.

In open window, cold sunlit curtain.

Satin - spilt drink, split sense;

Quite overcome, with tortoiseshell fancy,

Intricate catch, snap shut.

Black road through black country night; lacquer, flash!

Music box: a long, high, shrill, note, turning.

Somewhere, beyond misted

Parallelograms of torn room and street,

A morning of bird and sun, among fresh

Snapshot limbs: bright trees blaze.

Philip Jones 2024


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