At the studio new work being finished

“Juicy Debussy”, Misha Milovanovich, London, 2016/2017/2018. Acrylic, oil pastel, ink, enamel & cellulose paint on canvas. H:150 x W120 cm Misha's work explores the condition of human utopia and not only the place women hold in society, but also what is means to be a woman at this point in history. In early 2017, Misha began painting interiors in her work, - rooms inhabited by women. During the process of painting she physically flipped these works upside down. In doing so Misha started to play with the abstraction of figurative representation and she now revels in the ambiguity of her irreverent perspective. In these imagined rooms the women had to wear masks and the paintings’ dislocated

Misha at The Art Boot Fair, this Sunday, 16 September, Granary Sq, Kings Cross, LND

This Sunday at the World famous Art Boot Fair, we will be featuring selection of limited edition prints directly from Misha's studio. These little giclee gems are based around Misha's ongoing series of paintings called: "THE FEMALE GAZE SERIES". Please come to this unique event. Everyone is welcome!Featured above is the image of :"ART LOVERS", Misha Milovanovich, 2018, print on the fine art giclee paper. Paper size : 210 mm x 297 mm. Image size: 148 mm x 210 mm. Edition of 200. Signed by the artist. (Unframed)

Misha at the Art Boot Sale this Sunday, 16 September at the Granary Square, Kings Cross 12-6 PM

Art Car Boot Fair, London – 16 September 2018 We are proud to announce that we are participating at the Art Boot Fair this coming Sunday. The original and the best. Where top Artist sell directly to the public. A mini festival in it's own idiosyncratic orbit. Please come and join us. This year, Misha will be exhibiting selected pieces from her sculptural unique ceramics as well as limited edition prints based around her ongoing original paintings. Pictured bellow is unique vessel titled: "ART ELEPHANT" by Misha Milovanovich, 2018, H: 17 x W: 30 cm, porcelain, clay, painted, enamel, glazed. Artists' biography Misha Milovanovich is Belgrade-born artist contemporary artist living and working in

My Studio Ceramics

In preparations for my new exhibition. Dimensions and techniques variable. Installation on powder coated steel Conran shelf 2016.

Ceramics, 2018

Studio vase, London. Vessel collection. Pre bisquing faze ceramics, Spring, 2018 Self portrait as a vase. Working with clay as part of my new body of work. New pieces before bisquing.. Love..More to come..I’am so excited, and I just can’t hide it. I am just about to loose control and I think I like it.

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