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Her Dark Materials

I am very

proud to be part of this project, "Her Dark Materials" curated by Philippa Adams in collaboration with Eye of the Huntress and inaugurating "WWAM" Wolverton Works Virtual Art Museum, Founded by @Philly2222. The exhibition is virtually set in the crumbling 1838 abandoned industrial warehouse "WWAM", which has been resurrected by state of the art virtual experience design agency INVI with designs by architect Julyan Wickham. Opening on June 22nd, the exhibition will showcase 27 international female artists and will interweave a myriad of art practice, performance, sculpture, installation, tapestry, collage, music, painting and photography.

Thank you to everyone for working tirelessly on this project. Images: #Emmatalbot#Mishamilovanovich#Nancycadogan#Seanagavin#Sophievallance

Click the link to preview 22.06.21 via &


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