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Mini Misha Sculptures made in Resin

Available from studio mini Misha sculptures just in time for Christmas as a perfect gift- to your self.

Mini Zedi in Light Green

Misha Milovanovich,

London, 2021

H: 12,5 cm x W: 7 cm x D: 6,5 cm

Resin & cellulose paint

Misha Milovanovich’s work is an amalgam of diverse but cohesive geographic and aesthetic influences.

Her lates edition of small colourful sculptures can be purchased directly from her studio and are made in edition of 10- produced in resin. These are figurative, graphic, cartoon inspired and colourful works, vaguely human, her structures are seemingly biomorphic with nod quite overtly to the historical avant-garde’s & partiality to “the primitive,”. Misha's sculptures are originally composed of sinuous, flat plywood shapes painted in various stages of assemblage and construction. Misha turns her sketches into wood maquettes which are on occasion blown up and welded in steel.


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