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Misha's Little Sculptures


Misha Milovanovich, 2021

H:18 cm x W: 8 cm x D: 8,5 cm

Resin & cellulose paint

edition of 8

Special ACBF price of £280 + PP

Misha Milovanovich is an artist who graduated from St Martins School of Art in London, where she still lives and works today. She is best known for her unruly exuberance, marked by playful joy of colour and pattern. In her sculptures Misha weaves in different symbolic elements of nature, such as birds, clouds, petals and structures from biology. Translating the three-dimensional world around her into flat colour and line and using her own playful language.

Misha’s work is often humorous, she adores shiny, colourful things but knows only to well the corruption they inevitably bring.

Misha has created special edition of small resin sculptures, especially created for and launched at ACBF in an edition of 8, which each sculpture finalised in its own unique colour.


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