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Misha's Little Sculptures available to buy from e- shop soon

Mica Sculpture by Misha Milovanovich (2021, London) This sculpture was made from steel in a complex artistic and technical process, where the artist brazed and welded 8 parts to construct the final form. Each angle provides a different view of the piece and a myriad of optical scenes to contemplate.

This exuberant piece represents a playful approach to steel casting with its geometric build and organic forms. Misha’s sculptures reference the female anatomy, creating a womblike form. Misha weaves in different symbolic elements of nature, such as birds, clouds, petals and structures from biology. Translating the three-dimensional world around her into flat colour and line and using her own playful language, Misha has also created special editions of small resin sculptures, especially created for and launched at ACBF in an edition of 8, which each sculpture finalised in its own unique colour.


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