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My New Exhibition June 2022

I am very proud to announce I will be taking part in joint exhibition with Jason Martin at the Private and Public Gallery in Jersey, opening on the 17 June at 5 PM.

Jason Martin channels a minimal approach to painting through an expansive yet controlled use of colour, brush and medium. Working in pigment, acrylic, oil paint, graphite and cast metal, Martin interrogates the fundamentals of painting, veering from epic and luscious compositions of swirling forms to pared-down and muted abstractions in precisely blended tones.

Milovanovich first commences with her sculptures in wood, which recall the phantasmagorical forms and curvilinear patterns of her paintings, with more complex forms that balance unimaginable postures that belie their material multi-dimensional construction. The artist tends to the steel to varying degrees, shape-shifting and rendering gentle forms in some intense, almost anthropomorphic manifestation. Their contrasting textures— at times monochromatic and others radiant and glossy — convey a sense of visual symphony, featuring the movement of soft patterns, lyricism and crescendo throughout.

Both artists have exhibited internationally and have works held in museums and private collections.


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