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Proud to be part of this humble project

Together with artists and NFT enthusiasts has been building the global decentralized world with free will since 2018. ⁠

On request by the artists, we are doing a charity #NFT drop sale in support of the people living in Ukraine. Our community of international artists wants to transform their art into tangible help to people that lost their well-being, homes, and beloved ones.⁠

Today with "ArtistsForPeace" we invite you to defend free will and peace by collecting art.⁠

By buying any of the artworks, you will add a valuable piece into your collection and send 100% (minting cost excluded) to Red Cross Ukraine which provides the humanitarian needs in Ukraine⁠

The artists part of the drops: Kendell Geers | Kevin Abosch | Nancy Baker Cahill | Tatiana Brodatch | Iyvone Khoo | Denis Ouch | Carl Corey | Solimán López | 3DFraction artist | AES+F | Oksana Mas | PAPROS | Michael Jantzen | Misha Milovanovich | Trygve Skogrand | Michael Joo | Domenico Barra | Jacob Steensen | Wu Jian’an | Danil Krivoruchko | Ivan Solyaev | Anton Repponen | Marc Erwin Babej | Pavel Zeldovich | Nae Zerka | Tiger Chengliang Cai | Valéry Grancher | Joanna WLASZYN | Evgeniy Stasenko | Alessandro Manfrin | Olga Feshina⁠

The drop will be opening on 17 March and it will be live from that date until 20 March.- Nadia Taiga @⁠


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