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Mykonos, 2016

Misha’s latest piece was created in and inspired by her recent residency as a part of Kivotos Art Projects and Aegeanale curated by Sozita Goudouna.

It’s a sculpture in the form of a table created from elements she found discarded around her.

The wooden top is recycled from a cargo pallet- the medium of trade, the carrier of goods and the transmitter of value that in itself seems throwaway and unvalued.

Yet in this context it speaks as a signifier of a certain truth, the reality upon which our consumer lifestyles are built upon.

The base is also recycled, found in the Kivotos archive of lost and displaced furniture the rust preserved by varnish to highlight it's delicate lyrical history.

Around is a rim of colours inspired by those found in the lines of architecture of houses of Mykonos- bright colours found in the doors and windows of houses that brighten the dry and stony landscape of the island.

A persistent form of beauty, thriving in defiance of harsh conditions.

The finished sculpture conveys a sense of joy - though one informed by economic and political realities and filtered through a very culturally specific sense of character.

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