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Introducing Misha Milovanovich The Serbian artist explores human emotions through her diverse and m

Untitled (Chewing Gum Number 1), 2014

Some artists experiment with various styles to find out how to trigger the most powerful human emotions. Ranging from colourful criticism of consumerist culture to melancholic pale graphics, Misha Milovanovich observes people’s reactions by delivering insights into the human distortions of desire through the lens of pop culture. The Serbian artist and designer graduated from Central Saint Martins in the 1990s and is based in London. She works across multiple mediums such as graphic design, painting, live art and sculptures, and often deals with the insincerely extroverted, post-crash human condition. Her work is both philosophical and humorous and she exhibits a mastery of her technique that brings Classical virtuosity to her Dadaist worldview. In her “Chewing Gum”-series from 2014, Misha alludes to the surreal by fusing her background in painting with a minimal graphic sensibility. All of her work is biographical in ways that create direct, emotional responses from the viewer. These range from passion to nostalgia, desire and disgust. She is currently exploring the interconnection of art and performance, which is meant to exist in people’s memories and emotions only.

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