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New ceramics work being created in the studio. Drying before bisquing begins.

Misha Milovanovich’s work fuses a variety of motifs and sources from Dada, Surrealism, Bossa Nova to primitive arts and post-feminist dialogue.

Misha’s work is always spirited, humorous and filled with joy. Her playful totemic sculptures, reflect a kind of prism which defines a new form of appropriation and reference-making.  Characterised by a profusion of exuberant colors and shapes, energetic visual cadences, Misha blurs boundaries—between abstraction and figuration, painting and sculpture, flatness and dimensionality, formalism and conceptualism—demonstrating the richness of the middle ground between opposites.  In her most recent work Misha’s unique aesthetics absorbs network of influences with centres around primitive and mythology. These are anthropomorphic creations that exude warmth and humour and perform (nod/homagge) to Miro, Picasso, Louise Bourgeois and Noguchi. Her work blends animal shapes and shapes of nature always giving it human quality, that of primeval man that still resides in cerebellum part of our brain and is lost in the age of post-truth world that finds its self digitally displaced. Her work relates to human condition and our connection with natural world and our selves, yet offers optimism in the face of contemporary absurdity. Everything connects to her biography - lived experiences, learned technique, jokes, memories and eulogies. Her latest development is collaboration with Gunter Rhoder, her trusted friend and accomplice.


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