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Back in the studio preparing new projects, working on sculptures in metal, furniture and rendering new digital environments.

New exciting collaboration announcement coming soon. Watch this space!


Sculpture by

Misha Milovanovich

2021, 6 mm Powder coated mild steel

H: 200cm x W: 120cm x D: 86cm

Image created by: SIM Foundation for Misha Milovanovich

Misha Milovanovich belongs to that ever-growing generation of postmodern artists who have spent the last years of the 20th century and first years of the 21st century deepening and transforming the analytical and reductivist movements of avant-garde art, as well as the more advanced artistic trends of the sixties and seventies; reinvigorating them with a keen and daring sense of storytelling, process, personal identity, spirituality and, in short, infusing them with a pathos that powerfully awakens the viewer's attention through contagious empathy.

Her art does not fit into the existing categories of post-minimalism, conceptual, process, or performance art. This is largely due to her unwavering loyalty to painting, which simply doesn't know much about fashions but does know about essential and timeless subjects. Her premeditated and irrational disdain for most of the distinctions established by the artistic tradition, such as between abstraction and representation, two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, formalism and conceptualism, or between major and minor art, encouraged her, among other reasons, to include sculptural elements of wood in her paintings. From there, her paintings grew to become sculptures, although perhaps it would be more accurate to speak about artistic identities that move between two and three dimensions.

Text by: Christian Dominguez, June 2021


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