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Silk Scarves from Misha Milovanovich SS13 collection

new silk scarves from artist Misha Milovanovich’s SS13 collection. Each scarf is an edition of 3 and comes with a certificate of authenticity and in a presentation box. Available at Other Criteria.

About The Artist Misha Milovanovich is a contemporary artist based in London who works with painting, sculpture and video, her latest project a collection of limited edition silk scarves. Inspired by the luxury of silk and love of fashion, Misha spins, rhymes, mixes and scratches her colours and patterns like a Voodoo Hip Hop artist on substances known to alter cognition and perception.

With a surreal approach to contemporary image making, Misha fuses her painterly background with her love of colour, travel, 60’s prints, Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, Pop Art, Jazz music and the big bad beautiful city of New York, all of which she cites as her inspirations.

Misha graduated from St Martins School of Art in London in the early nineties. Her influences born out of her love of surreal art and cinema, particularly the subject matter and refined lighting found in the works of Fellini, Scorsese, Caravaggio, El Greco, Jean De Buffet and Martin Kippenberger. Misha’s latest works include one-off pieces of furniture, sculptures, prints and paintings.

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