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Female Gaze

Misha’s photographs are self-obsessed, fashion and beauty industry referential, gaudy, funny, scary and afraid creations. Each image deals with an aspect of the psychic damage inflicted on- and reflected by The Consumer. The Consumer tries to achieve the impossible, denying the flesh and becoming The Ideal. She doesn't know who she is so she tries to please everyone. In doing so she becomes the psychotic clown, The dirty statue or the plastic scream of nature. This is continuation of Misha studies for her paintings influenced by early performance art of 1970's.

Sometimes Misha’s self-portraits swim in a sea of synthetic imagery and unnatural colours. As such they represent "Misha" at home, located in her native urban/electronic habitat-a place of sickly pleasures and lurid anxiety. These are the familiar themes of Portraiture and Landscapes - seen anew.

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