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New field of creativity for Misha Milovanovich

In the Post-Pandemic Art World, Misha’s work sings harmonious melody – a visual dialogue between creativity and fantasy in the space that her work occupies.

With advent of technology an exhibition space has shifted into file of new field of creativity.

In this emerging space Misha is working on creating new artistic icons with her digital sculptures and the imaginary architecture they inhabit.

Artist Misha Milovanovich's latest work plays with parameters of reality as seen on

Purple Bonobo

Misha Milovanovich, 2021

Digital Version of the Real Sculpture

Virtual Sculpture, NFT

4096 px x 4096 px

Misha's work range from fragmented cubism to biomorphic surrealism, passing through the dynamic visual humour of Walt Disney. These are references that are not surprisingly new until the viewer ends up intuiting that our artist has infused her sculptures with a powerful shamanic vigour of healing intentions. Indeed, they are shapes inspired by parameters present in the natural world, which provide works with openness and structural security. On the other hand, the colours chosen in combination with the shapes work like a solo soul singer, provoking a strong emotional response from the choir of spectators.


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