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Talk with Peter Morris and Vestalia Chilton

Please come and join us on Saturday, 24 June, at 11am.

Director of Kensington + Chelsea Art Week 6th Edition, with Public Art Trail artists, Peter Morris and Misha Milovanovich, in an exploration of concepts and ideas behind their installations, as part of KCAW 2023.

Pinga: The Pink Goddess

Pinga, the extraordinary sculpture created by the renowned artist Misha Milovanovich, emerges as a mesmerizing tribute to the power and beauty of women. With its vibrant hue of pink, Pinga embodies the essence of femininity and serves as a captivating symbol of empowerment.

As an artist deeply connected to her own personal identity and spirituality, Milovanovich delves into the realm of storytelling through her art. Pinga, with its distinct and striking form, serves as a visual narrative that celebrates the multifaceted nature of womanhood. Through the delicate balance of strength and grace, Pinga embodies the divine qualities traditionally associated with goddesses.

The choice of the color pink is significant, as it symbolizes love, compassion, and nurturing—the very qualities that women have long been recognized for. Pink also represents a sense of playfulness, joy, and vibrancy, further enhancing the aura of celebration that Pinga exudes. This sculpture transcends mere physical representation, reaching deep into the collective consciousness to ignite a sense of pride and admiration for women's roles and contributions in society.

In the realm of Pinga, there are no boundaries or limitations. It is a space where traditional definitions and societal expectations are challenged and reshaped. Milovanovich's sculpture invites viewers to reflect on the diverse experiences and narratives of women, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation for their unique journeys.

Misha Milovanovich's Pinga is a testament to the artist's unwavering dedication to creating thought-provoking and emotionally resonant works of art. Through the fusion of form, color, and storytelling, Pinga embodies the spirit of womanhood, inspiring a sense of unity, empowerment, and celebration. In this sculpture, women are honored, their stories amplified, and their strength and beauty immortalized.

Pinga stands as a timeless reminder that women are powerful forces of change, deserving of recognition, respect, and admiration. It invites us to celebrate the extraordinary qualities and contributions of women in our lives, and to continue striving towards a world where their voices are heard, valued, and uplifted. C. Dominguez, 2023


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